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Photo Use Guidelines

Trying to sort out the details of a client/photographer agreement can be a tedious. The easiest way to see the relationship is to view photography much like air travel. You "buy" photos as you purchase airline seats – actually leasing them for a predetermined use and time. You don't get to keep the seat after travel. Likewise, the images are returned to me after each use.

To better understand it all:

• All images and photos remain the property of the photographer.

• Editorial use is for one-time use only. If you reuse, you pay.

• Business, event and commercial work is for a pre-determined length of use. The more use you need, i.e. web, pr, advertising and newsletter, the more the total fee.

• Web use of any of my photographs is only by permission.

• Assignment photography is not cheap, but it does have to cover preparation, assignment time, and the end use of the photos. Also included in the bill: assistants, digital file organization, computer time and processing, transportation, shipping, etc.

• As an independent contractor, please remember my fee and markup on expenses not only pays my wage, insurance and retirement but also includes maintaining my expensive equipment, paying phone bills and keeping me in paper clips.

• If you digitize or rip my work off in any way without permission and payment, I will visit you with my new assistant (recently released from state prison) and settle all misdeeds.

• A fee will be charged for an assignment that is canceled or postponed. More if you call the day of the shoot; Less if you let me know within 48 hours.

• On all big jobs, I ask that the client kindly advance me a check to pay for production expenses.

• And one more thing, please pay my invoice like your company pays you – within 30 days. Overdue bills are charged 2% late fee per month.

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